Jeanine De Bique -Opera Singer

Soprano Jeanine De Bique is a Trinidad & Tobago born Classical singer known for her performance of Baroque music.

Here is a video of Jeanine perform performing ‘Rejoice Greatly’ from Messiah by Handel – BBC.

Winifred Atwell – Pianist from T&T

 Winifred Atwell was a Trinidad and Tobago pianist. She was a brilliant musician and an inspiration to many such as Elton John who credited the legendary pianist as one of his idol. She was also the first black person to have a number-one hit in the UK Singles Chart  and is still the only female instrumentalist to have made that list – and she did it not just once but twice, in 1954 and 1956.

Winifred Atwell has also recorded and performed with steelpan(Pan Am North Stars – Rhapsody In Blue and  Clair De Lune etc,).She enjoyed great popularity in Britain and Australia from the 1950s with a series of jazzy boogie-woogie and ragtime hits, selling over 20 million records.
This is a rare video of Winifred Atwell performing live

Trinidad Rock Band “Orange Sky”

One Of my favorite songs !!!
Today is such a “BEAUTIFUL DAY!” ..Check out Trinidad &Tobago’s rock band  “Orange Sky” rocking the house.

トリニダード・トバゴのロックバンド『Orange Sky』の曲、Beautiful Day

TONY GUPPY ・(スティールパン奏者)オフィシャルサイト